Broderick’s Beanstalk Foundation

Great coffee lifts the spirits. A perfect cup of coffee is one of those little moments in life that brings a smile to your face.

A Broderick’s we’re big believers in adding delight to people’s day. That’s why we pour as much care and attention into making sure our coffee does good as we do into making it taste good. And that’s why we’ve planted the seeds (or should we say beans? ) of the Broderick’s Beanstalk Foundation.

The Beanstalk Foundation is all about bringing a touch of fun to people who haven’t been dealt the luckiest cards in life. For every box of coffee we sell, we make a £1 donation to the Beanstalk Foundation. It’s amazing how quickly that amasses into a fund that can really add a little magic to the people around us who we believe deserve it. Whether it’s used to fund a jolly day out for a group of older people, or to help our customers, family, friends or team get a fundraising initiative off the ground to generate even more money for charity, as long as it’s doing good, we’re happy.

Our enthusiasm for giving a little something back is nothing new: we’ve been buying Fairtrade since the movement first began back in the 1980’s – and we’re supporters of the Rainforest Alliance. With the launch of the Beanstalk Foundation we’re excited to be doing something that benefits people a little closer to home too.

Did we mention we’re absolutely passionate about the taste of our coffee too? Broderick’s rich, aromatic coffee is sourced from the four corners of the earth. We go to great lengths to source the finest fresh coffee beans from, Peru, Brazil, Guatemala and Indonesia. All our coffee is slowly dry roasted using our traditional artisanal technique for a delicious nutty flavour and full bodied mouth-feel Enjoy and do good!